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We support hormone balance using a whole health approach including diet, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle, stress relief and natural HRT

Book a Discovery Call

Booking a discovery call allows you to make sure from the outset that you are on the right path with your health. During the video call, our Clinical Director, Claire Snowdon-Darling will go through your health history and create the correct course of action for you. Claire will guide you on whether you need;

  • functional lab tests
  • a coaching session on diet and lifestyle
  • a food intolerance review
  • nutritional supplementation 
  • a session with our in-house nurse to discuss HRT options

This session de-mystifies what is happening with your health, and from this you will have a clear path of how to get your hormones back on track. If you proceed to have a 1:1 session or package of sessions, the £50 cost of this call will be deducted from the price.

How is our clinic different?

We are trained in the cutting-edge research on hormones and nutrition. We will review your health history including:

  • whether contraceptive hormones are contributing to hormone imbalances
  • the stress in your life and how you are managing it 
  • how much exposure you have to oestrogen mimicking chemicals
  • how your diet and any food intolerances are impacting your hormones and gut
  • how you process and absorb your hormones
  • if any regular lifestyle choices are potentially contributing to hormone disturbances
  • order hormone or digestive lab tests to gain more information on where your health and to action these results with diet, supplements and recommendations

A pillar of our work is blood sugar stabilisation and in this video we explore how blood sugars can play an important role in hormone balancing. 

Where could symptoms be coming from?

There are hundreds of hormones in the body that can become a root cause of symptoms. We like to think of health as an iceberg. The symptoms are above the water with the potential causes below. In our clinical practice, we are interested in identifying and balancing the whole iceberg.

Hormone Iceberg

How do we work with hormones?


We analyse lab tests to understand the chemical imbalances in the body. We also work with food strategies, intolerances, targeted supplementation and provide education around contraceptives and hormone replacements.


Emotional coaching and other techniques to clear blocks and stress that can be contributing to symptoms.

Stress Identification

Our coaches are trained to spot stressors that can be affecting hormones and make recommendations on how to reduce their impact.

Whole Health Approach

Ensuring that your gut microbiome is working effectively is essential for good hormone health. Without a functioning gut we can experience immune issues, skin issues, and not respond well to HRT.

Why Are Hormone Wellness Unique?

This clinic model is unique to Hormone Wellness. Developed by the clinical directors, our work focusses on a dysfunctional hormonal connection between blood sugar hormones, stress hormones and reproductive hormones. This interplay is often the underlying cause of inflammation, hormone imbalances and symptoms. Discover more in this video.

Client Success Stories

We have worked through a number of health and hormonal issues all triggered by stress. They really know their stuff when it comes to stress, hormones and digestion - I would really recommend.
Emily Perry
I had tried too many other therapies to mention, read self help books and had taken courses and most of them didn't work. Hormone Wellness had me feeling better emotionally and physically after just two sessions.
Anna Davey
I am always so impressed by their infinite knowledge and expertise. I couldn’t feel in safer, more secure hands. Each appointment I’ve come out feeling like a different person and better for it!
Sophie Andrea-Jones

What is Oestrogen Dominance?

Oestrogen dominance (or progesterone deficiency) is on the increase because of:

  1. Hormonal birth control
  2. Impaired metabolism, detoxification or poor digestion
  3. High refined carbohydrate diet and blood sugar instability
  4. Xeno-oestrogens in our food, products and water
  5. High stress

To understand more about oestrogen dominance and our approach to it, watch our video…

Will I need lab tests?

We can order lab tests if necessary and we work with a leading European distributor called Nordic Labs who provide DUTCH testing. If the test results indicate you need medical support, a prescription or HRT, we can book you in with one of our functional nurses for a consultation.

We can also use kinesiology muscle testing in our clinic to test a hair sample which can be a quick route to identifying imbalances, food intolerances and the best supplementation. This is included in an appointment or 6 sessions package or can be purchased individually. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of sessions varies on the person, their health history and how well they follow any changes recommended to their food and lifestyle. A six session programme is recommended as hormone rebalance can often take 6 months to achieve. Once optimum health has been attained, regular appointments keep the body balanced and prevent further ill health.

DUTCH is an acronym for “Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones”. It is a laboratory testing process that enables you and your coach to gain valuable insight into your hormones and to assess for imbalances.

DUTCH Complete™ is the flagship DUTCH Test. This is the standard test we recommend and gives a comprehensive assessment of

  • progesterone, oestrogens and testosterone
  • adrenal hormones 
  • organic acids
  • melatonin 
  • neuro-markers
  • gut-health indicators

The DUTCH Complete is valued at £259 and is included free with the 6 session package.

To review our range of DUTCH tests, click here.

We offer remote consultations via zoom so can work across the UK and internationally.

Appointments take 30 minutes. Prior to the first session, all new clients will be required to fill in a comprehensive medical history form and consent form.

All our sessions are on video call and within your session, your coach will review your health history form, analyse your food and nutrition, discuss your priorities, offer hormone education where necessary, offer food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations and coach you on areas in your life you are finding challenging. There is often homework for you to adopt and your coach will discuss further sessions with you.

We partner with the College of Functional Wellness to offer diplomas in hormone coaching. This 2 year training is delivered online and via zoom and is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Click here to discover more.