A Whole Health Approach to Hormones

We are a hormone, menopause and natural HRT clinic specialising in a whole health approach. We offer nutritional programmes, lab hormone testing including DUTCH testing, body identical HRT recommended by registered nurses and emotional coaching with retreats. Our team specialises in challenging hormone issues, such as a difficult menopause and we empower our clients to reclaim their health, hormones and wellbeing.

Are you experiencing?

Menopausal symptoms or your HRT is not working for you?

Digestive issues including IBS, bloating and indigestion?

Weight gain, skin issues, insomnia, headaches and migraines?

Period problems including heavy bleeding, pain or absent periods?

How we can help you

Blood Sugars & Diet

Blood sugar hormone imbalance is often overlooked in allopathic and alternative medicine yet it is at the core of many hormonal, digestive and immune dysfunctions. It is incredibly important to get this foundation of health in place if other systems are going to work optimally. Our health approach is to look at food, nutrition and blood sugar interplay with other endocrine functions, as well as looking at spleen, pancreas and liver….

Digestion and IBS

Healthy digestion is the cornerstone of good health but due to poor nutrition, pesticide indigestion, high stress and frequent medication usage, conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) have become common place for many. Our health approach to digestion includes stool testing, food and nutrition, bacterial balance, improving digestive function and balancing the gut microbiome….

Emotional Coaching

We are passionate about holding space for profound personal transformation, and have been for over a decade. There are no human emotions we are unable to be with. Our gift is that we are able to go to the challenging places with you, work with you in that place and help you find a path to a version of yourself that is free from fear and conditioning and embracing a life of radical self love and living from truth. We offer clinic session and retreats for deep emotional transformation….

Immune System

The immune system is often a victim of issues happening elsewhere in the body. Our approach with the immune system is to look at it from a holistic perspective to investigate spleen and liver function (toxic overload), gut health and adrenal stress as the primary factors involved in immune system dysregulation. We use a combination of nutrition, supplements, herbs, lifestyle changes and emotional coaching to relieve stress from the immune……

Menopause & Hormones

Hormonal imbalance and difficulties through perimenopause are becoming common place and this is largely due to toxic overload, dietary insufficiencies, stress and digestive dysfunction. We offer food, lifestyle strategies with supplementation and low dose bioidentical hormones. We are also passionate advocators for natural forms of birth control and natural HRT, as well as educating women how to work with their cycles and balance their hormones naturally….

Stress & Anxiety

Modern stress plays an important role in health, and adrenal function has a knock on effect with hormone balance, digestion, immune system and our emotional wellbeing. Our approach to stress includes lab testing to understand cortisol and we look at stress from all angles, including the nutritional, physical, emotional and electrical perspective. We use herbal medicine, such as adaptogenic herbs, to support the adrenals in the stress response….

Ways you can work with us

One to One

Our highly trained practitioners are waiting to support you in a 1:1 video call to get you on the path to health. 

Online Programmes

We offer a number of online training programmes.  Click the links below to find out more.

Lab Testing

Functional nutrition laboratory tests, including DUTCH and GI Map, can give you a deep understanding of the underlying drivers of symptoms and our coaches will create a plan tailored to you based on the results. Our lab tests analyse areas that the medical profession do not explore, such as a total hormone panel including progesterone levels or microbiome health in a stool sample.

HRT Clinic

For those who want to pursue Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), we offer a private service, staffed by independent, registered nurses trained in our hormone and menopause methods. Our nurses consult directly with your coach to understand your health strategy and they will help you find the right choice of HRT for you.


Our extraordinary retreats have been created using our signature emotional work that has been developed over 20 years of self-development and having worked with thousands of clients.

Talks & Books

We offer talks and ebooks on our specialist subjects including food, emotional transformation and hormonal health. Our book titled Improving the Menopause Experience through Nutrition and Lifestyle is due to be published in 2024 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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