Our six session package gives you the opportunity to dive deeply into your symptoms and be guided on how to make changes to your health with support every step of the way. This package includes

  1. 6 sessions worth £850 with a coach or HRT nurse working on diet, nutrition, supplementation, low dose bioidentical hormone recommendations if needed and emotional coaching
  2. DUTCH hormone testing worth £259 (Or £259 towards another lab test if DUTCH isn’t relevant to you)
  3. Lab test analysis worth £50
  4. Food Sensitivity or Bespoke supplement hair test worth £50 if required
  5. Online support for 6 months’ worth up to £90
  6. Masterclass relating to your symptoms worth £20

The total saving with this package is £469.

To opt for a 3 month payment plan of £285 a month (total £855) please click here

To opt for a 6 month payment plan of £285 a month (total £858) please click here.

Please note, with the 6 month plan, the complimentary lab test will be ordered after the second payment is made.