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hormone coaching
Zoom coaching session with a hormone coach
PFC food
Food strategies, supplementation and low dose natural bioidentical hormones if needed
hrt nurse
Hormone and HRT education, lab test review and explanation
Kinesiology Hair Test
Kinesiology hair testing if required

Our Process

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Client Success Stories

I went from living on antihistamines & carrying EpiPens to healing my gut and finding balance again. The work these women do is extraordinary.
clinic testimony
Juliette Lewis
Patience and knowledge. They have been instrumental in getting the answers that we needed for my teenage daughters hormone imbalance. We are so grateful.
Abi Mill
They really know their stuff when it comes to stress, hormones and digestion - I would really recommend.
Emily Perry

Our practitioners are accredited to the highest standards in our industry

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Our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced. They have trained with our sister company, the College of Functional Wellness, therefore use our prism of hormone balancing using a whole health approach.

We are either Functional Wellness Menopause coaches or Functional Kinesiologists. Every client is overseen by Claire and Laura and if there is a challenge with your case, they consult with your coach.

Our team review everything in your case history that could be destabilising your hormones from diet and food intolerances to supplements and exercise. From this, our practitioners will create an entire food and lifestyle strategy to help you transform your hormone or menopause experience and support you to achieve your health goals.

"Hormone Wellness helped me with rebalancing my hormones after coming off the pill. My doctors had diagnosed me with PCOS and said that I possibly wouldn't get my cycle back and could have problems with infertility. The dietary advice and supplementary support has changed my life! I feel so much better in myself and have my period again."