Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely – please email [email protected] and our administrator will be delighted to assist you. Please note: we cannot answer specific health queries without an appointment booking for insurance purposes.


As the Clinical Director, Claire oversees all challenging cases and advises the practitioner team where necessary. If the team decide that a case is too challenging for any of the other practitioners then it will be assigned to Claire

Hormone Wellness offers a fully comprehensive health assessment. We will be working to make sure that your diet is free from foods that can be causing you symptoms and is nutritionally balanced. We will be ensuring that your gut microbiome is going to be effectively able to process and HRT or supplements you are taking so you get the most benefit from whichever approach you have chosen (or a combination of both). We will also be assessing any major lifestyle issues that are a root cause of hormone imbalances. It’s a fully ‘whole health’ approach which is unique and based on the ground breaking Triangle of Hormonal Health.

ABSOLUTELY! We work with women of all ages who are experiencing hormone issues. Our mission is to support you to feel as well as you can regardless of age or where you are in the menopause transition.

That’s hard to answer as every woman is different. Some people thrive after one session of having some dietary recommendations and some education around which supplements could be supportive, but others need more of a helping hand whilst their body goes through the process of menopause. Most people notice a difference between 1-3 sessions.

Your session will be a video call as standard, but if you prefer telephone just let our admin know at the time of booking.

Yes, once you are assigned a practitioner you will continue with them unless for some reason they aren’t able to continue working with you in which case you will be given plenty of notice. If you would prefer a different practitioner please contact our admin.

Absolutely, we are delighted to work with clients all over the world.

It depends on the recommendations you have been given but most people notice some changes within the first few weeks.

Yes, we do. In the event that the changes we recommend aren’t getting you the results you’d like we can recommend lab testing. Your practitioner can go through this with you. Please note lab testing is charged separately.

One to one appointments will give you a personal service with the added benefit of physical and Kinesiology corrections (if you attend clinic).
The toolkits include all the information and guidance we give new clients so can be a cost effective way of getting health support.
We recommend buying the toolkit bundle and focusing on the recommendations given to you by the symptom assessor and asking questions to our practitioners in the online forum.
If after 6-12 months you are looking for further support, we then advise booking a one to one with us. This way you will have all the foundations in place.