What is a ‘whole health approach’?

We often talk about the getting the foundations of health in place. It is common to see people spending a fortune on a variety of supplements but they are missing the key elements in their diet and lifestyle.

Whilst we are big advocates of supplementation, we believe that the most fundamentally important part of achieving our health goals is to get the foundations of health correct and that means looking at every aspect of our life. We call this the ‘whole health approach’.

Our coaches are trained to see where foundations are missing and to support you to get them back on track. 

Food intolerance elimination.

Macronutrient balance and a focus on nutrient density plus an appropriate food strategy.

Stabilising blood sugar hormones (not just the blood sugars themselves).

Stress management and reduction.

Hormone support and reducing xeno-oestrogens.

Maximising digestion.

Vagal nerve support.

Exercise to support your hormones.

Sleep management.

HRT education

Supplements that are right for your health profile.

Emotional resilience, self-love practices and setting boundaries.

A good supplement or the right hormone replacement often won’t be effective if these essential elements are not fully supported.