Hormone Balancing Programme

Find your priority hormone focus area by taking the Symptom Assessor

The Hormone Balancing Programme will give you…

Hormone Balancing

After working in women’s health for over a decade, we know that every condition can be traced back to a hormonal response. It is important to get the foundations in place to balance all our hormones (not just the reproductive hormones we all know about!) This programme will do exactly this.

Clinical Expertise

The advice in this programme is based on the information we’ve given to thousands of clients and provides you with a clear map on how to manage symptoms and feel better. Our clients tell us that they often feel relief to be guided with a plan that really delivers.


Access to Practitioners

This programme includes an online health group so you can ask questions and get direct support from our experienced practitioners. We have walked this path you are on and have helped thousands of people do the same.

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Save Time and Money

Buying this programme will save you time and money seeing a practitioner on a one to one basis. The Symptom Assessor identifies the focus that a practitioner would have identified and this programme gives you the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations you need to get you on the path to wellness.

What is included?

This programme involves 

  1. Food Plans
  2. Food Intolerance Guide
  3. A Recipe Collection
  4. Tailored Supplement Advice
  5. Protein Recommendations
  6. Lifestyle and Exercise Guidance
  7. Hormone Education 
  8. A HRT Considerations Document

Each month, complete the questions in the symptom assessor to identify the plan that is best for your health.  

How does it work?

Complete the Symptom Assessor, a short quiz, that identifies the best hormone area for you to focus on

Follow the advice within the Hormone Programme

In one months time, resubmit the Symptom Assessor to see if your pathway has changed

This programme can give you 6-12 months worth of targeted advice

If you wish to speak with a senior coach, book a discovery call

Frequently Asked Questions

The symptom assessor is a clever questionnaire based on over 10 years in clinic plus the research from the College of Functional Wellness. Health issues come from a hormonal imbalance somewhere. The symptom assessor identifies the imbalances and the toolkits correct them. There are lectures included in all the toolkits to give you all the information you need to understand what’s happening in your body.

You may look at the other hormone pathways and resonate with them more. And yes, you may this advice in future but the symptom assessor has reviewed all your information and knows where best to start. Therefore focus on the pathway recommended and retake the assessor one month later to see if your recommendation has changed.

Then you are in the right place. We have spent years working with complicated cases – the people who have tried everything and still haven’t found the solutions they are looking for. In fact, we are those complicated cases who have trodden this pathway ourselves.

We recommend following the advice in the programme as a starting point before spending money on lab tests. Often when we get diet, supplements and lifestyle in alignment, hormones can start to balance. If you have committed to a 6-12 month hormone balancing programme and have not experienced improvement, you can order a DUTCH test with us.