Free Introduction to Nutrition Course

Come and learn the basics of nutrition in this fun, informative online course. In this 10 lesson course, you will learn

  1. Common food intolerances
  2. The importance of drinking water
  3. Blood sugar balancing and food
  4. The importance of nutrition with hormones
  5. Myth busting on the popular diets including alkaline, blood group diet and veganism
  6. What are macronutrients
  7. What are micronutrients
  8. Reading food labels
  9. Understanding NOVA – the processed food categorisation
  10. Further studying options

Learning Objectives

Your takeaways from the Introduction to Nutrition course will include the ability to:

  • Understand a macronutrient and a micronutrient
  • Critique 5 popular diets
  • Know why drinking water is important
  • Be able to read a food label
  • Describe why food intolerances are important
  • Explain the NOVA categories