doctors appointment

Dear GP

Firstly, let me start off by saying I am not a doctor. I am a complementary therapist who has been in clinical practice for 17 years, I specialise in menopause, I partner with many Harley Street specialists, I run a college training practitioners, and I am regularly featured in the national press. I am not trying to be a doctor nor am I advising my clients to reject your advice.

What I am doing is educating women in the difference between natural body identical progesterone and synthetic progesterone. I am basing this on a plethora of research 123.

Whilst many doctors take umbridge at this, I sadly see the fall out that the synthetic progesterone can do to a woman’s body on a daily basis, and that many additional medications given as part of the NHS approach to menopause management can be negated with the correct dose of body identical progesterone.

My clients are within their rights to request a less harmful medication if is available, and therefore they have asked you to check out this webpage. They shouldn’t have to fight for this. It should be simple at a time when everything feels difficult.

Having worked with thousands of clients I am also aware that many consultants understand that progesterone has more benefits than simply thickening the uterus and that those benefits can be lifechanging for women’s mental and physical health, therefore if the woman in front of you has had a hysterectomy I would urge you to find the research to support the use of body identical progesterone or comply with her request for a second opinion.

I appreciate the way complementary therapists work is very different to how the medical model works, but in this way we can work together. I implore you to have an open mind.

Please do contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Claire Snowdon-Darling (AKFRP)
Clinical Director – Hormone Wellness
Head of College – The College of Functional Wellness
Co-Author –  Improving the Menopause Experience Through Nutrition and Lifestyle: The Triangle of Hormonal Health (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)