Reclaim Your Life

In this 12 hour course you will be able to go deeply into your emotional behaviours and patterns and given the opportunity to change them, creating deep change in your life.

Reclaim Your Life Online Programme is a fast track to emotional intelligence and brings together our most powerful techniques developed through years in working in clinic.

What will this programme give me?

  • help you deal with fear, anxiety, overwhelm and worry
  • overcome emotional difficulties
  • deepen relationships in your life
  • release pain from the past
  • feel confident about the future
  • give you lifelong tools to be able to deal with any emotional situation

What will it teach me?

  • How to cope when you are feeling vulnerable and how to communicate your needs
  • How to manage when you are in emotional free fall and how to be able to support
  • Direct and honest communication to improve relationships
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques to reduce stress
  • How to grow inner confidence
  • How to release stuck emotional blocks
  • Techniques to empower the subconscious
  • Tuning into inner guidance
  • Becoming comfortable with challenging emotions

Reclaim Your Life Modules

This 10 module course (over 12 hours of video) includes the following webinars which you can take at your pace.

Week 1 – Introduction and getting started with discipline
Week 2 – Being with Fear
Week 3 – Approaching Shame and Guilt
Week 4 – Dealing with Anger
Week 5 – Loving Yourself
Week 6 – Finding Body Love
Week 7 – Developing Inner Confidence and Self Esteem
Week 8 – Reclaiming Inner Power
Week 9 – Releasing the Past, Reclaiming the Future
Week 10 – Applying Everything to Life