DUTCH Plus® – Some clients who are struggling with pervasive fatigue such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Post Viral Syndrome may benefit from an evaluation of how their stress response is working.

The DUTCH Plus includes all the biomarkers of the DUTCH Complete below and adds the cortisol awakening response (CAR).

  • sex hormone metabolites (progesterone, oestrogens, and androgens)
  • adrenal hormone metabolites (cortisol, cortisone, creatinine, and DHEA-S),
  • organic acids, 8-OHdG, and melatonin metabolites.
  • neuro-markers and gut-health indicators. It is the standard DUTCH we recommend.

Analysis is not included and is charged at an extra £50 for an email and £200 for a first session with a practitioner.

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