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The Oestrogen Dominance Programme

This programme is designed to give you the best nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for improving oestrogen dominance

What is Oestrogen Dominance?

Oestrogen dominance (or progesterone deficiency) is on the increase because of:

  1. Hormonal birth control
  2. Impaired metabolism, detoxification or poor digestion
  3. High refined carbohydrate diet and blood sugar instability
  4. Xeno-oestrogens in our food, products and water
  5. High stress

To understand more about oestrogen dominance and our approach to it, watch our short video here or for much more detail, watch our 2 hour oestrogen dominance masterclass on the link below.

Our Whole Health Approach

When supporting your health, it is important we take a whole health approach, including, 

  • whether you used hormone contraceptives which could contribute to hormone imbalances
  • the stress you are dealing with
  • how much exposure you have to oestrogen mimicking chemicals
  • how your diet and any food intolerances are impacting your gut
  • how you process and absorb your hormones
  • If any regular lifestyle choices are potentially contributing to hormone disturbances.
the whole health approach

Get Started...

Lets start by understanding how hormones work together in the Triangle of Hormonal Health.

Food Choices

Reducing your intake of food intolerances can have a dramatic improvement on your blood sugar stability, stress and hormones. Watch this video and download our food intolerance document to learn more about the ‘gateway allergens’. We recommend avoiding these as part of the oestrogen dominance programme.

Lifestyle & Supplements

Download the following documents for recommendations and advice on lifestyle and supplements for oestrogen dominance. If you are peri or menopausal, we offer guidance on finding the HRT option that is right for you. The Hormone Tracker is for you to monitor your hormones and provide this data to your doctor or coach.

Food Strategy

Follow the PFC Food Strategy for 3 months for improving oestrogen dominance 

  1. The PFC (protein, fat, carb) food strategy is most suitable for your health, download it below
  2. Download the 14 Day PFC Recipe Ideas
  3. Download the balanced plate infographic

After 3 months

If your oestrogen dominance symptoms are not improving, you may benefit from adopting our Hormone Reset Food Strategy

What Next?

The symptom assessor and the pathways will give you a great start to reclaiming your health. If you are stuck and want to book a one to one appointment, our team are here to help. A first appointment is £200 and we will review your progress and problem solve your issues. We can also order lab tests or refer you to a nurse who specialises in our hormone methods. 

The number of sessions varies on the person, their problems and how well they follow any changes recommended to their food and lifestyle. Generally, people feel a significant improvement within their first one to three appointments. Once optimum health has been attained, regular appointments keep the body balanced and prevent further ill health.

We offer remote consultations via zoom so can work across the UK and internationally.

Appointments take 30 minutes. Prior to the first session, all new clients will be required to fill in a comprehensive medical history form and consent form.

All our sessions are on video call and within your session, your coach will review your health history form, analyse your food and nutrition, discuss your priorities, offer hormone education where necessary, offer food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations and coach you on areas in your life you are finding challenging. There is often homework for you to adopt and your coach will discuss further sessions with you.

We can use kinesiology muscle testing in our clinic to test a hair sample which can be a quick route to identifying imbalances and the best supplementation. We can also order lab tests if necessary and we work with a leading European distributor called Nordic Labs who provide DUTCH testing. If the test results indicate you need medical support, a prescription or HRT, we can book you in with one of our functional nurses for a consultation.

We partner with the College of Functional Wellness to offer diplomas in hormone coaching. This 2 year training is delivered online and via zoom and is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Click here to discover more.