Why is my menopause so challenging?

The menopause experience is often challenging and difficult for many women. In general menopause seems to be a different experience to that of our foremothers and millions of women don’t […]

Progesterone – the overlooked hormone.

There is a big misunderstanding in women’s health around progesterone. It is commonly side-lined as being “that hormone that thickens the uterus” but rarely are its other valuable functions mentioned. […]

How to avoid menopausal weight gain

Weight gain is a frustrating part of the menopause for many women due to an interplay between four hormones: oestrogen and progesterone our reproductive hormones, insulin our blood sugar stabilising […]

3 signs your HRT isn’t working for you

https://youtu.be/jXwQJEL-TXs?si=yaNZAHLx20Lgy-GQ Navigating menopause can be a minefield. Many women are determined to go the “natural” route but end up with such life limiting symptoms they find themselves in front of their GP […]